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Luna Me, Please

Thank you

20 February
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Luna Lovegood is my name, thank you very much.

I don't know how I came to be...that's always been an interesting question that has been floating in my head. If anyone knows, may they please tell me?

I like my ties, my huge warm scarves, my jewelery, and I absolutely love the bubbles in my bathtub.

I am very much facsinated by wonderful creatures, such as Snorgleflops and Heliopaths! One day, as soon as I get out of Hogwarts, I shall most definetly go to Greece, where the Snorgleglops live! Oh! And Egypt, of course, since that is where the Heliopaths hide their fire burning bodies!

My Father, I am extrodinarily proud to say, is the editor of the captivating newpaper, The Quibbler. I do wonder what it actually means "to quibble", actually...I think someone told me that it wasn't the nicest word...but then again, that person wasn't the nicest person...

I love plum juice. I could drink it everyday. In fact, I think I do! Plumb Juice, Plumb Juice, I Love You! People have said that I was disgusting, but why shouldn't I like it? Have you tried it? It's very delicious!

Well, I suppose that shall be all, there's nothing left to say!

Oh! But you must remember! Fluff is a VERY nice thing!


Oh! And I musn't forget...I must give a humoungously gigantic 'THANK YOU' to giapet, for drawing such a splendid picture of me in my bath...the picture is in my journal, by the way!

Oooh...and look! giapet even has a fan site for me, Luna!

Butterbeer Caps

Oh...it's so very terribly exciting...